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Ep #54: Bill Clement (Philadelphia Flyers / ESPN)

Bill Clement (Philadelphia Flyers / ESPN) talks all things hockey including: playing at the Montreal Forum, transition from player to broadcaster, calling games with Mike Emrick and Gary Thorne, classic tilts, Eric Lindros, EA Sports, public speaking, Bobby Clarke and an assessment of the 2013-14 Flyers.

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Ep #50: Brian Propp (Philadelphia Flyers)

Brian Propp (Philadelphia Flyers) talks about the origin of the “guffaw” celebration, playing with Bobby Clarke & Ron Hextall, outdoor games, social media and NHLPA93.

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Ep #47: Jessica Billings (Miss Pennsylvania USA)

Jessica Billings (Miss Pennsylvania USA) talks about her history with the Miss USA pageant, autism, self-improvement and bowling.

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Ep #46: Mary Radzinski (Philly Comedian)

Mary Radzinski (Philadelphia Comedian) talks about status updating, “using” air quotes, performing on the road, roller coasters, teeth care and a special can of Renuzit.

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Ep #45: Robin Wilson (Gin Blossoms)

Robin Wilson (Gin Blossoms) talks about the Under the Sun 2013 tour, fathering, video games, working in record stores, performing in Iraq, on-stage banter and graphic design.

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Ep #43: Tony Bruno (Philly Radio Personality)

Tony Bruno (97.5 The Fanatic) chats about interviewing past U.S. Presidents, broadcasting during 911, singing Shania Twain, marriage, NHL shootouts, Twitter, breaking into radio, Groundhog Day and @BrunosKitty.

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Ep #39: Eric Bazilian (The Hooters)

Eric Bazilian (The Hooters) talks about the early days of the Hooters, WMMR, the making of Nervous Night, writing “One Of Us”, European touring, being a father, playing Live Aid and Gorilla Munch Cereal.

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Ep #36: Lauren Hart (Singer / Songwriter)

Lauren Hart (Flyers Anthem Singer) chats about pre-game rituals, singing the Star Spangled Banner after 911, YouTube videos, her upcoming EP, Gene Hart, the Kate Smith duo and her opinion on ABBA.

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Ep #34: B-Roc (Dacav)

B-Roc of Dacav stops by to chat about making music videos, choosing the right cover song, his new mixtape, Twitter and Family Feud. He also plays “Throw A Band Member Under The Bus”.

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Ep #33: Zac MacMath (Philadelphia Union)

Zac MacMath, Goalkeeper for the Philadelphia Union chats about entering into MLS, saving a penalty kick, the Doop song, Sons of Ben chants and international play.

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