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Ep #32: Kathy Romano (Preston & Steve Show)

Kathy Romano (Preston & Steve on WMMR Philly) talks about how she got her start in radio, prepping for the show, the y100 days, Fresh Smiles Foundation, the Phillies and having a birthday in August.

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Ep #28: Roger Lima (Less Than Jake)

Roger Lima (Less Than Jake / Rehasher) chats about the Descendents influence, bass playing, clubs in Philly, working with Chris, Warped Tour, David Lee Roth and of course Pez!

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Ep #24: Chip Chantry (Comedian)

Philadelphia comedian, Chip Chantry joins us for this year’s Christmas episode! Chip talks about his new album “Across from the Adonis”, touring, Club Helium, Santa Claus, going to concerts, teaching the youth of America, the Police, Phish and #TurnItUpOrTurnItOff Christmas edition!

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Ep #23: Rick Tocchet (Philadelphia Flyers)

Rick Tocchet (CSN / Philadelphia Flyers) chats about fighting in today’s game, 1987 Canada Cup, 1992 Stanley Cup, making spaghetti, 5OT playoff game, Barry Melrose, Twitter, Claude Giroux, Operation Hat Trick and broadcasting.

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Ep #19: Leslie Gudel (Comcast SportsNet Philly)

Leslie Gudel (Comcast SportsNet Philly) chats about her 15 year history with the network, Harry Kalas, Neil Hartman, David Lee Roth, Time Travel and Oingo Boingo.

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Ep #17: Greg Attonito (Bouncing Souls)

Greg Attonito (Bouncing Souls / Play Date) talks about making children’s music with his wife, Shanti. He also chats about the Muppet Show, Hopeless Romantic, east coast crowds, The Trocadero and 80s movie villains.

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Ep #15: Mike Herrera (MxPx)

Mike Herrera (MxPx / Tumbledown) chats about Plans Within Plans, Yuri’s drumming, touring in Philly, band pranks, 80s sitcoms, the state of Washington and YouTube.

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Ep #11: Darrin Pfeiffer (Goldfinger)

Darrin Pfeiffer, drummer of Goldfinger / The Salads chats about his past and present music happenings, Wayne Gretzky, the “Twinkie” origin, Conan O’Brien, Kriss Kross, and lots and lots of hockey talk!

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Ep #8: Nicole Brewer (CBS 3 News)

Nicole Brewer, reporter for CBS3 Philadelphia talks about life on and off camera, sweet potatoes, Hootie and the Blowfish, social media and what anchors talk about as the credits are rolling.

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Ep #7: Troy Quan (O&A Producer)

Troy Quan talks about producing the Opie & Anthony show, moving from Kutztown, PA to NYC, the art of DJing, “I Want To Kill You”, Beastie Boys, the ‘hardcore’ voice and Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out

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