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Ep #6: Mary Häagen-Dazs (TheMaryAndJoeShow)

Chatting up Mary Häagen-Dazs about singing, vegetarianism, feminism, what to do with a lot of money, pickup lines, Daft Punk, boy bands and butterflies

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Ep #5: Danielle Faustini (DaniLife Wellness)

Chatting with Danielle Faustini of DaniLife Wellness about nutrition, Warped Tour, the NJ Devils and an overall healthy way of life.

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Ep #4: Tony Hartman (Internet Star)

Tony Hartman speaks to @joeyritter discussing several important subjects such as AOL Instant Messenger, Crystal Clear Pepsi, moving from Kent OH to Los Angeles CA, Claude Lemieux and Hanson.

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Ep #3: Joel Tannenbaum (Plow United)

We discuss Plow United’s forthcoming album “Marching Band”, a history of “emo”, playing bass with fingers, home breweries, file sharing, Riot Fest, 90s grunge and more!

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Ep #2: Jeff Alulis (Filmmaker)

Jeff discusses NOFX Backstage Passport II, his experience singing for the Dead Kennedys, an ever growing poster collection and of course, 80s movies.

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Ep #1: Chris Fafalios (Punchline)

We chat about several great topics with Chris, including Scattergories, Punchline’s 15-year Anniversary, doing good things on the internet, Tony Sly, childhood punishments, the goaltending position and embarrassing videos of yourself… but don’t expect him to talk any smack on his bandmates!

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